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Skyscanner survey shows growing demand for Gen Z’s independent travel


Skyscanner has revealed its latest report titled ‘First Trip with Skyscanner’, unveiling a strong inclination for travel among India’s Gen Z (aged 18-25). Nearly half (47%) of them are enthusiastically planning leisure trips abroad, independently from their parents or guardians, driven by their profound desire for exploration and new adventures (49%). Notably, financial independence is pivotal for Gen Z, with a staggering 81% opting to plan their inaugural overseas adventure after securing their first job or receiving their first paycheck.

Embarking on one’s first overseas journey signifies a significant milestone for numerous young adults worldwide. While many associate it with graduation celebrations, in India, it often becomes a reality post-landing their inaugural job. In fact, two-thirds of young Indians diligently save up, with only one-fifth resorting to buy-now-pay-later options to expedite their travel aspirations.

The survey results shed light on the travel behaviors and considerations of Gen Z in India as they navigate their first independent trip without their parents or guardians. By understanding these travel aspirations, Skyscanner aims to assist young travelers in comprehending their preferences and providing them with valuable resources to plan effectively ahead of their trips and find the best deals.

Mohit Joshi, Skyscanner’s Travel and Destinations Expert, remarked, “Gen Zs in India exhibit an ardent passion for exploration! Whether seizing the opportunity of semester breaks and long weekends to fuel their wanderlust (42%), or celebrating special milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations (39%), their passion for travel is undeniable. As their travel companion, we want to empower them to turn their travel dreams into reality by assisting them with the necessary resources and tools, ensuring their first trip goes without a hitch. Skyscanner’s search features like setting up ‘Price Alerts’ or using the ‘Cheapest Month’ tool can help save an average of 32% on flights for Indian travellers.”

Key highlights from the ‘First Trip with Skyscanner’ Report include:

Gen Z Thrives on Experiencing Life’s Grand Spectacles: Gen Z craves the excitement of life’s defining moments, with 46% inspired to jet off overseas to experience concerts, sports events, and other significant cultural gatherings. Additionally, over half (51%) view travel as a chance to break free and immerse themselves in new cultures, emphasizing their penchant for expanding horizons.

Not Just Landscapes, Indians Need Greens on Their Plates: Food plays a pivotal role in the travel experience for most young travellers. Their excitement for exploration extends beyond destinations, with 43% meticulously researching vegetarian-friendly options and restaurants that offer top-tier culinary experiences tailored to their dietary preferences.
Meticulous Planning is a Hallmark of Gen Z: Gen Z travellers embarking on their first trip abroad prefer meticulous planning, with almost three-quarters (76%) opting to have their itineraries and return tickets booked in advance. This generation prioritises budget-conscious travel, with over half (51%) focusing on finding affordable flights and accommodation for their first overseas trip.
Skyscanner’s Price Alert feature helps these planners stay informed about any changes in flight prices through notifications, allowing them to secure the best deals. Additionally, utilising Skyscanner’s Whole Month search will also be helpful in identifying the cheapest day of the month to travel with just a few clicks.

Permission Slips & Travel Tips: Contrary to popular belief, Gen Z in India primarily seeks travel advice from their trusted circle of friends (65%) and family (48%) rather than relying solely on social media (34%). Seeking approval from parents and guardians is a common practice among young Indian travellers, with 58% feeling confident about receiving their green signal.
Safe Travels, Happy Travels: 63% of Gen Z travellers prioritise safety over budget when exploring the world without parental guidance. Additionally, over half (59%) of young Indians prefer popular destinations over off-beat locations for their first trip, seeking a balance between exploration and preference for these well-trodden paths and the comfort of familiar surroundings. In fact, this desire for familiarity may prompt 66% of these travellers to embark on their first trip without their guardians, either in a small group or with their romantic partners.

Europe Captures the Hearts of Young Indian Travellers: Many young Indian Gen Z travellers are drawn to Europe’s vibrant cultures and historic landmarks, with over 40% listing it as their preferred choice. The allure of iconic sights, charming cobbled streets, and diverse experiences are particularly appealing, with nearly half (21%) having their hearts set on the United Kingdom.
For those young travelers open to spontaneous exploration, Skyscanner’s ‘Everywhere’ feature reveals the cheapest destinations globally for preferred travel dates. Additionally, ‘Multi-City Flight Search’ allows travellers to search for up to six routes simultaneously when planning their trips, enabling them to find the best combination of flights and timings to suit their budget.

Monika Guwalani, a former investment banker turned travel content creator, highlights the important role of financial freedom in travel planning. She emphasizes smart money moves and leveraging Skyscanner’s tools to bag bargains and curate dream destinations effortlessly.

For further insights, please refer to the comprehensive report or access the First Trip content resource hub tailored for travellers.

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