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The museum houses 11 galleries through which visitors can witness the changing fortunes of this peninsular nation. Each gallery offers perspective, and a multi-sensory experience. The National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) is dedicated to the history of Qatar. Symbolically, its architecture evokes the desert, its silent and eternal dimension, but also the spirit of modernity […]Continue Reading
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The model village offers visitors with opportunities to get closer to nature and indulge in plenty of outdoor experiences through various activities If anyone is looking for any offbeat destination from Mumbai or Pune, Monteria Village is a perfect place. It’s a destination designed to offer the visitor an elevated experience of a quintessential village […]Continue Reading
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Using the opportunity to educate the Indian travel trade about the varied facets of South Korea, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in association with TravelBiz Monitor organised the second edition of South Korea Webinar Series 2022 on March 17 and 22, respectively. The first webinar was focused on Incheon, which is a city in South Korea […]Continue Reading
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Reunion Island ticks all the right checkboxes for an island getaway. Breathtaking scenery, a balmy tropical climate year-round, and a friendly population that will be delighted to share Reunion’s fusion cuisine and culture with you. And in addition, a range of leisure and outdoor activities offered to you to complete your island experience! Located east […]Continue Reading
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