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UP Govt to make Bundelkhand a hub of wildlife tourism

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s government is making efforts to promote wildlife tourism in Bundelkhand. The steps are expected to increase the chances of employment and development in the state.

Dr. Sunil Kabia, director of Bundelkhand University’s Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, said, “There is a lot of potential to develop wildlife tourism in the geographical location of Bundelkhand region. Being located in the central part of the country, it has also been developed as a circuit by connecting it to other tourist destinations. The schemes that the government is working on in this area will attract tourists here as well as promote employment and development possibilities.”

While on the one hand work has started after approving the Tiger Reserve in Chitrakoot, on the other hand, the process is going on regarding the Bear Reserve in Lalitpur.

Preparations are on to build a zoo in Jhansi’s Garhmau, which will take the form of the biggest zoo in Uttar Pradesh. The government is focusing on plans to woo tourists by expanding facilities in this area full of natural diversity.

The project to make Chitrakoot-based Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary a tiger reserve has been approved by the UP cabinet and work has started.

This tiger reserve is to be developed in an area of about 529 sq km. This tiger reserve is expected to be ready in two years and develop into a major centre of wildlife tourism in Bundelkhand.

Employment opportunities are also expected to increase after its completion.

Preparations are also underway to set up a bear conservation centre in Lalitpur.

In view of the presence of a large number of bears in the Madavara area, its proposal has been prepared at the local level and sent to the headquarters.

The Madavara Forest Range has more than 8500 hectares of forest land, which is estimated to have about 200 bears and badgers.

For the purpose of conserving them, preparations have been started by the Forest Department to set up a conservation centre.

Preparations are underway to build an animal safari or zoo in an area of more than 125 acres in Jhansi’s Garhmau.

Forest department officials are exploring the possibilities of developing an animal safari or a zoo near Garhmau lake.

A letter has also been sent to the government in this regard. The place is full of natural beauty and can be developed as a major centre for tourism. (Source The Print)

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