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T&T forecast to cross EUR 1.4trn contribution to economy by 2023; WTTC issues Call for Action

In a decisive move to shape the future of the Travel & Tourism sector, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has issued a ‘Call to Action’, urging EU stakeholders to support a sector that employs over 22 million people and contributes EUR 1.4 trillion to the European Union’s economy.

The Call to Action from the global tourism body highlights three key areas of focus to modernise and enhance the sector which would see it reach its potential of a EUR 1.9 trillion contribution to the European Union’s economy by 2033.

WTTC forecasts that by 2033, the Travel & Tourism sector will reach this ground-breaking figure, equivalent to one in ten euros in the European Union’s economy.

The Economic Impact Research (EIR) from WTTC also forecast that the sector will support the creation of almost 4MN more new jobs by 2033, to reach 26.4 million – one in eight jobs across the EU.

A more sustainable future
WTTC is urging the EU to carry out policy impact assessments on the implementation of legislation on the sector, ensuring the transition to a green and sustainable future is achievable and works hand in hand with the sector to reach net zero emissions targets.

The Call to Action encourages EU leaders to consider the role and commitments already made by the Travel & Tourism sector, so that any future environmental legislation complements, rather than hinders, the work already being undertaken.

Supporting ease of travel across borders
WTTC is dedicated to supporting streamlined policies which facilitate smooth, hassle-free travel, stimulating growth and create more job opportunities. A critical component of this is simplifying visa processes.

The global tourism body is urging the EU to continue its drive toward visa-free travel and remove existing barriers. WTTC encourages the EU to rollout the already delayed Entry-Exit System to ensure a more seamless traveller experience.

Boosting the digitalisation of the sector
The digitalisation of the sector is vital and WTTC is urging the European Union to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. This will increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and create opportunities for development and economic growth.

The EU should pursue policies that allow for contactless travel and support the innovative implementation of AI across the sector. WTTC will support the EU to enable the digitalisation of passports, streamlining of visa applications, and across the whole traveller journey.
Julia Simpson, President & CEO, WTTC, said ,”The Travel & Tourism sector is a key driver of economic growth in the EU and the measures within our Call to Action will ensure the sector continues to grow sustainably, attract new talent and prosper.

“We urge the EU to adopt these recommendations for the benefit of businesses and travellers globally. As the sector modernises and unlocks the digital transformation of travel, together with the European Union we can achieve unprecedented growth.”

These key areas, outlined at the onset of a new political era in Europe, are critical for the pragmatic policy implementation and support the sector desperately needs.

WTTC’s ‘Call to Action’ emphasises the opportunity for the EU’s Travel & Tourism sector to remain competitive, and achieve greater success, ensuring its continued growth and resilience, provided these actions are implemented.


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