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Moscow invites Indian tourists to experience its tourism enhancements

Russia is prioritising tourism infrastructure enhancements with a particular emphasis on Indian tourists, aiming for a more inviting and convenient experience. Moscow seeks to engage and attract Indian visitors, facilitating cultural exchange and exploration in Moscow.

Evgeny Kozlov, Acting First Deputy Head of the Moscow Mayor and Government Office, and chairman of the Tourism Committee of the City of Moscow at SATTE 2024 invited Indian tourists to travel to Moscow and called it the safest and cleanest city in the world.

Speaking with ANI, Evgeny Kozlov said, “For Moscow, it means a lot to be here at SATTE because it’s a great possibility to inspire, to attract, to invite all the Indian tourists to come to Moscow and to be inspired by society, by the cuisines, by the culture heritage, maybe for the place for taking a wedding. I don’t know maybe to study here. Just maybe to live your life in Moscow.”

The improvements include enhanced transportation links, signage in multiple languages, cultural information centres, and accommodations tailored to the preferences and needs of Indian tourists.

“Moscow is the safest, and maybe the cleanest city in the world. Because we are keen on being open, polite, and safe to every person. Not only for citizens but for every tourist coming from every country and every region of Russia also,” he added.

Indian tourists will benefit from smoother travel logistics, better access to information, and accommodations designed to cater to their cultural and culinary preferences, making their Moscow visit more enjoyable.

When asked about how sees the India-Moscow relationship, Kozlov said, “Through the times, we have a really strong and close relationship. We believe that it will stay the same in future and you know, I can mention the figures it is 25 per cent increase year to year in the number of tourists and I believe that is still not enough. So once again, we invite all the Indian people to come to Moscow and see the city with their own eyes.”

Indian tourists can make the most of their visit by exploring Moscow’s rich history, architecture, and cultural attractions, while also enjoying local cuisine and participating in cultural events and festivals.

On general strategy for the tourism sector of Moscow, he said, “As for now, we are planning to make firstly, new content. what does it mean for us making new content? It’s not like renovating the infrastructure. Once you know that, reopen the new hidden gems, make some kind of interactive events where you can as a tourist participate in to live like locals to provide you with tourist products to reinvent Moscow and to come back once again and once again.”

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