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Intense Competition Predicted Between Air India & IndiGo in 2024: CAPA India

In the realm of Indian aviation for the year 2024, a high-stakes competition is anticipated between two major players, Air India and IndiGo, as outlined in a comprehensive report by aviation consultancy firm CAPA India. The report suggests that the rivalry is expected to be particularly intense, covering various aspects such as routes, regions, and products, marking a level of competition not previously witnessed in the Indian aviation sector.

CAPA India’s analysis extends beyond the established players, acknowledging the potential impact of the expansion of Akasa Air and the resurgence of SpiceJet on the competitive landscape within the domestic market. The expected entry of Akasa Air and the potential revival of SpiceJet are poised to introduce new dynamics and challenges to the existing aviation scenario.

IndiGo, a key player in the Indian domestic market, is set to make a strategic move by introducing a business class in 2024, a development that CAPA identifies as a significant milestone. This move is seen as part of IndiGo’s efforts to maintain its stronghold in the domestic market amid capacity challenges.

Air India, on the other hand, is committed to taking measures to achieve market leadership in the long and ultra-long haul segment. CAPA reveals that the airline plans to unveil an enhanced premium product in the upcoming year, outlining its strategy to cater to evolving consumer demands.

The report also sheds light on IndiGo’s focus on international expansion and speculates on the potential impact of a widebody aircraft order. If such an order materializes, it could influence the strategies of other players in the market, including Air India Express.

In the midst of these developments, CAPA India suggests that SpiceJet, with new funding, could undergo a revival, emerging as an aggressive player seeking to compensate for years of lost growth. However, the report notes that SpiceJet may need more funding than it currently possesses to fully realise its potential.

In a strategic move, CAPA India speculates that SpiceJet could be a strong contender for the acquisition of Go First, provided it secures the necessary funding. This move, if successful, could grant SpiceJet access to a substantial fleet of aircraft and an order book for additional planes.

In summary, the Indian aviation sector in 2024 is poised for significant developments, with intense competition expected between Air India and IndiGo, the entry of new players like Akasa Air, and the potential revival of SpiceJet. These factors, coupled with strategic moves and potential acquisitions, set the stage for a dynamic and evolving landscape in the Indian aviation industry.

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