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IndiGo introduces AI chatbot ‘6Eskai’ to help customers with flight booking

IndiGo has started using an AI chatbot that is helping in reducing customer service agents’ workload and making booking process simpler with the use of natural language conversations.
“The AI bot boasts an impressive 1.7 trillion parameters, allowing it to answer a diverse range of commonly asked questions with ease,” the airline said.

In a release, the carrier also said its data scientists did research on Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) and programmed the bot using extensive prompt engineering to mimic human behaviour, respond to emotions and even infuse humour into interactions.

“Early results from the soft launch indicate a remarkable 75 per cent reduction in customer service agent workload, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the bot.

“Furthermore, 6Eskai, makes the booking process extremely simple, using natural language conversations to guide our customers seamlessly through the end to end booking journey,” the release said.

Many airlines are using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven solutions.

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