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Flybig to start flights on Bhatinda-Ghaziabad route

Flybig is set to start flights from Bhatinda in Punjab to Ghaziabad. The services are expected to start this week after test run clearance.

As per information, flight from Ghaziabad will fly at 10.30 am and will reach Bathinda airport at 12.10 pm, then at 12.30 pm, the flight will take off from Bathinda and will reach Delhi at 2.10 pm, reports Sukhmeet Bhasin for The Tribune.

Bathinda Deputy Commissioner Shaukat Ahmed Parray said, “On Wednesday, test run of the flight will be done as flight from Hindon Ghaziabad airport will come to Bathinda and after which it official flights starting off will be decided.”

The services from the local airport here were stopped during the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. Earlier, Alliance Air was running the flights to Delhi and Jammu thrice a week.

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