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Airbnb contributes USD 920mn to India’s GDP in 2022 with Goa ranking as top destination

Airbnb, an online marketplace based in the United States specialising in short- and long-term homestays and experiences, made a substantial contribution to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2022, amounting to over USD 920 million. Additionally, it played a pivotal role in creating more than 85,000 jobs in the country during the same year, according to a report by Oxford Economics, a global economic forecasting and econometric analysis firm.

Remarkably, Airbnb’s impact on both revenue and job creation more than doubled since 2019, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and international travel restrictions.

The study also revealed that in 2022, Airbnb guests in India spent a total of USD 815 million on various services, including transportation, restaurants, and retail stores.

Among Indian destinations, Goa saw the highest presence of Airbnb, with its guests contributing USD 190 million to the local economy. Following Goa were cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Manali.

James Lambert, Director for Economic Consulting in Asia at Oxford Economics, emphasised Airbnb’s significant role in revitalising the Indian travel and tourism sector following the COVID-19 pandemic.




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