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Uttarakhand launches ‘Nakshatra Sabha’ Astro-Tourism initiative in June


Nestled within verdant forests, eco-tourism havens, and a hospitality scene boasting charming homestays, Uttarakhand stands tall among India’s premier tourist destinations. Adding a celestial dimension to its allure, the Secretary of Tourism for the Government of Uttarakhand has unveiled a visionary plan to position the region as a leading hub for astronomy aficionados.

Teaming up with Starscapes, a pioneering astro-tourism enterprise, the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board is set to introduce ‘Nakshatra Sabha’, a groundbreaking annual event dedicated solely to advancing astro-tourism in India.

Commencing its journey from the iconic George Everest in Mussoorie in early June, Nakshatra Sabha will traverse Uttarakhand’s cosmic landscape until mid-2025, presenting a captivating series of events.

From the celestial wonders of Uttarkashi to the star-studded skies of Pithoragarh, from Nainital’s celestial canvas to the enchanting nights of Chamoli, Nakshatra Sabha will explore potential dark sky sites, hosting enlightening seminars and engaging webinars with experts.

This astronomical odyssey offers a holistic experience, inviting participants to partake in stargazing sessions, solar observations, mesmerising astrophotography contests, and enchanting celestial camping escapades.

Furthermore, Nakshatra Sabha is committed to empowering local communities through professional training and skill development initiatives, aiming to revitalise regional economies.

“The stage is set for Uttarakhand to shine as a beacon for astronomy enthusiasts worldwide,” declared the Secretary of Tourism, Government of Uttarakhand. “Nakshatra Sabha epitomises our dedication to showcasing the celestial marvels of our state while preserving its unique heritage.”

At its heart, Nakshatra Sabha champions the cause of dark sky preservation, fostering a community of stewards devoted to safeguarding Uttarakhand’s pristine night skies through the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive preservation policy, upheld year-round.

Expect immersive stargazing experiences, enlightening discussions on astro-tourism, captivating astrophotography competitions, and specialised solar observations, aligning with the objectives of the Aditya mission.

With its unparalleled natural beauty and minimal light pollution, Uttarakhand is poised to emerge as the ultimate astro-tourism sanctuary in India, beckoning enthusiasts to embark on a cosmic voyage like never before.

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