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‘Zanzibar is a right fit for the affluent and well-travelled Indian tourist’

The newly-appointed Minister of Tourism and Heritage for Zanzibar, Simai Mohammed Said, talks to TravelBiz Monitor about creating a brand image about the island nation among the high-end well-travelled Indians, and collaborating with the travel trade and private sector to drive awareness.

How are you looking at positioning Zanzibar in the Indian market?
Zanzibar is beautiful destination with its own vibrant vibe, largely unexplored by Indians. Besides the turquoise blue waters, shallow sandbars and small deserted islands virtually unexplored, Zanzibar is known for its variety of spices and handicrafts. We also have tourists coming to Zanzibar for visiting our coconut and spice plantations. Moreover, we are considering encouraging high-end tourists undertaking safari tours in our neighbouring countries and mainland Tanzania to explore the pristine waters of Zanzibar and its offerings, while turning them into a captive audience. Zanzibar is a right fit for the affluent and well-travelled Indian tourist looking for a relaxed and immersive holiday experience and barefoot luxury. Visitors can explore the World Heritage site of Stone Town, Zanzibar City’s old quarter. With a large settlement of the Indian diaspora in Zanzibar, there is a sense of familiarity in the culture and cuisine.

In terms of air connectivity, is there anything on the cards?
The new Zanzibar airport is being commissioned in July. The world-class infrastructure of the airport will allow Indians to fly directly into Zanzibar via Dubai with all major international airlines offering connections to the island nation. Air connectivity will benefit the business community as well tourists alike.

How are you looking at reaching out to the Indian travellers?
Going forward, we will consider collaborating with the travel trade and private sector. Moreover, we will explore tourism markets and promotion of attractions through the diplomatic route as well.

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