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WTTC Chair Highlights Africa’s Significance and Travel’s Transformative Power

Arnold Donald, Chair of WTTC, addressed the 23rd Global Summit in Rwanda, celebrating the transformative power of travel and acknowledging Rwanda’s profound significance.

Arnold Donald emphasized travel’s ability to foster tolerance, reduce fear of the unknown, and promote understanding among diverse cultures.

He extended a warm welcome to all attendees, recognizing them as industry leaders, visionaries, and emerging talents from around the world.

Donald highlighted Rwanda’s breathtaking natural beauty and wildlife, but emphasized that the true essence of the nation lies in its united and dynamic people.

Holding the Global Summit in Africa was deliberate and marks a historic moment for the Travel & Tourism sector. Donald praised Africa’s diversity with 54 countries, diverse languages, and 1.4 billion people.

Investment in Travel & Tourism in Africa has outpaced the global average since 2000, growing by nearly 350% between 2000 and 2019.

Donald expressed gratitude to sponsors, CEO Julia Simpson, and the entire WTTC staff for their contributions to the summit program. He also extended deep thanks to the hosts, the Republic of Rwanda, and specifically President Paul Kagame and CEO Francis Gatare.

He highlighted Rwanda’s Travel & Tourism sector, which attracted US$173 million in 2022. The sector is forecasted to rise to US$194 million, with expectations of substantial growth and job creation in the next decade.

Donald commended Rwanda’s commitment to carbon-neutrality and conservation, which aligns perfectly with the summit’s theme.

Donald’s address underscored the profound impact of travel, celebrated Rwanda’s significance, and highlighted the potential for growth in Africa’s Travel & Tourism sector. The summit in Rwanda was seen as a historic moment for the global Travel & Tourism industry.

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