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Vistara to have flights with fully vaccinated crew

According to a FE report, in a recent announcement made by air passenger carrier Vistara, the company has been vaccinating its pilots, crew members. On Wednesday, Vistara operated a special flight from Delhi to Mumbai where all the cabin crew as well as the pilot on board were vaccinated with both the doses of the novel Coronavirus vaccine. This was the first time the crew members of the airlines were completely vaccinated and they will also be operating the return flight. According to a press note released by Vistara, there will be more flights in operation where the staff on board will be vaccinated. The company added that the number of people being fully vaccinated and operating the flight will increase in the coming days.

Vistara, which is a joint venture of Tata group and Singapore Airlines, is trying to make sure that the highest standards of safety are being taken care of on board. Commenting on the recent vaccination move, Vinod Kannan, Chief Commercial Officer, Vistara, said that vaccination is the best defence people have right now against the Covid-19 pandemic and will allow people around the world to get back to some normalcy. This will also aid in the recovery of the aviation industry. He added that Vistara is trying to make sure that all of the members associated with the company are vaccinated so their safety can be ensured along with their families and customers they serve.

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