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Vistara implements robotic aircraft exterior cleaning

Vistara, India’s leading full-service carrier announced industry-first initiative of implementing Aerowash, an automated aircraft exterior washing and cleaning solution introduced by AeroTech Support Services Pvt. Ltd. Operated by a user friendly and wireless remote control, Aerowash is equipped with several safety features and alarm indicators. Its efficient micro-fiber brush drum provides a superior cleaning result of the aircraft exterior surface using a nearly waterless, dry-wash process.

This cutting-edge technology reiterates Vistara’s commitment towards adopting innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiencies while also reducing its carbon footprint. Aircraft detailing (or cleaning) is a critical aspect of maintenance in the aviation industry. Traditionally, it has relied on manual labor, which can be time-consuming, resource-intensive and prone to human error. However, this mechanised program is not only time efficient but also sustainable. It reduces aerodynamic drag caused due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, grime, etc., and ultimately reduces the aircraft weight. This directly translates to enhanced fuel efficiency by minimising fuel burn.

Pankaj Handa, Senior Vice President – Ground Operations, Vistara said, “We are delighted to become India’s first carrier to implement this one-of-a-kind initiative that underscores our unwavering commitment to invest in innovative, purpose-driven technologies since inception. This is yet another step as part of our ongoing efforts towards enhancing efficiencies across various areas of our operations through automation while also constantly looking at improved, and more sustainable ways to do business.”

Dr. Ashwani Khanna, Executive Director, AeroTech Support Services Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are excited to get associated with Vistara as it becomes the first airline to adopt this futuristic technology after a detailed assessment. Vistara is the first airline in India to sign up for this solution and lead the way for other airlines to follow. I am also happy with how the relationship with AISATS has evolved to a collaborative partnership that has the potential to have a deep positive impact on the entire industry in the coming years.”

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