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Vistadome coaches to be added in Shatabdi trains from Delhi to boost tourism

In order to boost tourism, Indian railways will soon add Vistadome coaches on three more routes. As per the reports, Indian Railways is planning to introduce Vistadome coaches in Shatabdi trains on three routes, which will be from Delhi to Dehradun, Kathgodam, and Kalka. This is aimed at offering options to travellers to experience the scenic beauty of these regions, when they travel via these trains. It is expected that these three rail links will attract a huge number of tourists.

As per the sources , one Vistadome coach each will be added to the 18-coach Shatabdi trains on the said routes. The fare will likely be 10 per cent more than the executive class base fare of these premier trains. As per the reports, the Indian Railways has set a target to introduce around 90 Vistadome coaches by March 2022 to meet the growing demand from tourists.

Vistadome coaches are designed in such a manner that they provide passengers with all the comfort of travel, while enhancing their viewing experience of their surroundings. These coaches come equipped with glass rooftop, wide transparent window panes, pushback chairs, and rotatable seats at 180 degrees.

Further, these coaches feature observation lounges with larger windows on the end wall, and also have electrically controlled opalescence glass windows in the roof. They also come equipped with a mini pantry and service area, having a microwave oven, hot case, coffee maker, refrigerator, bottle cooler, and wash basin. The coaches come fitted with the GPS-based public address cum passenger information system. (Source TOI)

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