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VietJet offers promotional fares for Indians to Brisbane for one-way ticket at USD135

VietJet has announced one-week promotional offer for Indian travel to Brisbane in Australia with one way ticket priced from only USD135. The offer is valid from now until March 23, 2023 (GMT+7). The offer is exclusively designed to celebrate its recent expansion connecting Brisbane of Queensland to Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam.

Passengers are also eligible to VietJet current promotional programme every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday that includes free Vietnamese domestic connecting services. SkyBoss and SkyBoss Business tickets are also currently being offered at a 50% discount during these sales days.

Additionally, members who join the Vietjet SkyJoy reward programme and buy tickets can gain up to 3,300 SkyPoints via SkyJoy app on Apple store, Google Play or directly from the website. They can then use SkyPoints to redeem Vietjet coupons and gifts from more than 250 preferred dining, shopping, and travel businesses in Vietnam.
The flights connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Brisbane (Australia) will take off from June 16, 2023, with 2 flights per week on every Monday and Friday. The flights from Brisbane to Ho Chi Minh City will take off at 23:10 and land at 04:50 in the following day (local time). The flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Brisbane will take off at 10:05 and land at 21:10 (local time).

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