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VFS Global’s joint visa application centre begins operations in Lucknow

VFS Global has commenced operation in its first Joint Visa Application Centre (JVAC) in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh today. The facility will initially accept visa applications for Austria, Estonia, Portugal, Switzerland and The Netherlands. In the subsequent phase visa applications for The Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Malta would be accepted.

Visa applicants are advised to beware of fraudulent entities who charge fees from customers for scheduling appointments or providing any other services using VFS Global’s name or independently.

It is recommended to apply for visas as early as booking flights and stay. Most countries accept visa applications up to 90 days (3 months) before your date of travel. According to the revised Schengen Visa Code, effective February 9, 2020, one can apply for a Schengen visa up to 6 months before your date of travel. Particularly this year with higher demand and limited appointment slots available, applicants are urged to apply for their visa as early as possible.

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