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VFS Global Founder foresees India’s decade as premier investment and travel hub

Zubin Karkaria, Founder & CEO of VFS Global, has expressed immense optimism regarding India’s trajectory as a prominent global destination for both investments and travel.

Highlighting India’s vibrant economy, demographic dividend, and rich cultural heritage, Karkaria emphasised the nation’s attractiveness to investors and visitors alike. “This creates new opportunities for business, trade, tourism, and culture. I truly believe this is India’s decade,” he said, in an interview to PTI.

“We are very optimistic about the prospects of India as a global destination, as a source, both for inbound tourism and outbound travellers.”

Karkaria emphasised the significant opportunities arising from India’s rapid economic and social evolution. He firmly believes that the current decade belongs to India, offering new avenues for business, trade, tourism, and cultural exchange.

VFS Global, renowned for its first-mover advantage in visa outsourcing, stands as a testament to India’s entrepreneurial prowess. Karkaria’s commitment to supporting India’s growth story is evident through VFS Global’s seamless and technology-driven visa services, facilitating cross-border mobility and bolstering economic development.

He echoed Prime Minister Modi’s vision of India emerging as the world’s third-largest economy, citing the government’s reforms to enhance the ease of doing business and living in India.“VFS Global is a truly Indian success story that has gone global. I mean truly global. I conceptualised and launched VFS Global in India, one of the first made-in-India unicorns to become a global leader in its field,” Karkaria said.

“We remain committed to supporting India’s growth story by providing seamless and tech-driven visa services to events, to secure cross-border mobility for people and trade. This is to and from India, thereby contributing to India’s economic growth,” he said in response to a question.

Emphasising the significance of tourism promotion, Karkaria underscored the role of meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions in driving growth within the travel sector and the broader economy. With India’s investments in infrastructure and global connectivity, the country offers diverse opportunities across the economic spectrum for travellers.

“India has been a land of opportunities. It’s expected that India will be the fastest-growing major economy in the next three years. I concur with our Prime Minister’s vision and statement when he says that India will soon be the third-largest economy in the world,” he said.

“The government has also introduced several reforms to improve the ease of doing business, and the ease of living which are very important. There are the two basic requirements. It’s very important for people who want to invest and live in India. This is attracting more investors,” he asserted.

Looking ahead, Karkaria expressed unwavering confidence in India’s future, aligning with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of a developed nation by 2047 under the Viksit Bharat initiative. “I am committed to Prime Minister Modi’s Viksit Bharat’s vision, which is the government’s action plan to transform the country into a developed nation by 2047.”

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