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Unexplored Montang rising on Tripura’s tourism map

Perched on the Atharamura hill range, Montang, a nondescript place in Tripura’s Khowai district, is emerging as a new destination for tourists due to its scenic beauty.

Locals and tourists from other states are making a beeline to this place, known as the ‘Mountain of Peace’ among people of the local Tripuri community, to see floating clouds from proximity, Prasenjit Debnath, a faculty in the Department of Journalism in Tripura University, who visited the spot recently, said.

A narrow and serpentine winding track of about 30 km goes to the top of the Atharamura hills from the National Highway (NH8) near the Chkmaghat barrage. The site is about 80 km from state capital Agartala.

The spot came to the limelight after documentary filmmaker-turned-politician, Kamal Kalai made a ‘tong ghar’, a thatched bamboo hut anchored on planks made of bamboo and timber, for spending time there.

“Taking some time off from my daily busy schedule, I thought of spending some time in tong ghar. I will cook rice and vegetables, collected from Jhum fields, and fish caught from small rivulets flowing down the hill,” Kalai, a man from the tribal community, told PTI.

The place suddenly turned into a bustling tourist spot and emerged as a new destination for travellers and nature lovers after he posted the photos of the place on social media, which went viral.

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