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Tourism NZ rewards 2 Indian trade winners with destination experience of North Island

Tourism New Zealand recently concluded its first global trade incentive campaign which was a part of the global launch of their latest 100% Pure New Zealand global campaign, IF YOU SEEK.

As part of a concerted effort to support tourism recovery in New Zealand, the organisation has been actively increasing its trade initiatives across markets. The first-of-its-kind incentive campaign was launched to encourage trade partners to seek more and enhance their destination knowledge of New Zealand. To qualify, participating travel sellers were required to participate in activities and utilise the marketing resources in-market for a chance to join a trade familiarisation trip to New Zealand.

Travel sellers from India, Australia, Germany, Japan, North America, Singapore, South Korea, and the UK joined the recently completed IF YOU SEEK trade familiarisation trip. Between April 17-22, 2023, they participated in unique experiences through sensory, seeker-themed activities handpicked in conjunction with the campaign. Shalini Kalian from NCS Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd and Harneet Singh Sawhney from Born 2 Holiday LLP were the winners from India who got the opportunity to visit New Zealand.

They visited the North Island (Waiheke Island, Waikato, Rotorua and Northland) and enjoyed some of the niche experiences.

“Our trade partners are some of our most valuable advocates when it comes to driving in-market presence and preference for New Zealand. Destination knowledge is crucial to what they do, and we hope this experience in New Zealand has left them with a deeper appreciation and understanding that will be translated in how they position New Zealand to their customers in the market,” shared Gregg Wafelbakker, General Manager, Asia, Tourism New Zealand.

Aaron Gilden, Head of Sales, South & Southeast Asia, UK & Europe, Air New Zealand, added, “We hope the experience will help our trade partners generate more meaningful conversations and interest around New Zealand. As the airline partner, this campaign opened opportunities for us to better engage with our partners and in turn, strengthen our show of what Air New Zealand has to offer.”

“It was a wonderful experience exploring the North Island! I was completely intrigued by the Māori culture – the history and language. We got to try numerous Kiwi delicacies and explored multiple locations. We also got to build connections with the local suppliers who provided us with immense knowledge of the various offerings of New Zealand. The first-hand experience was truly educative, and I can’t wait to promote the beautiful country”, said Shalini Kalian, NCS Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd.

“Right from the restaurants/hotels chosen to every activity that was planned gave us a varied experience that will help us promote New Zealand in the Indian market. We had people from regional tourism offices joining us to give in-depth knowledge on products and services in their region. This helps us immensely to sell products of different regions” said Harneet Singh Sawhney, Born 2 Holiday LLP.

The global incentive FAMIL succeeded in providing a holistic experience of New Zealand’s varied offerings, enabling, and empowering the travel trade partners to seamlessly promote the country.

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