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Thailand asks Indians to obtain visas before arrival to avoid long queues

With the coming new year and the reopening of the tourism sector post covid, Thailand is facing a massive influx of tourists and has advised Indians to obtain visas from the embassy or consulate to avoid long queues.

Thailand’s Ambassador to India, Pattarat Hongtong, advised Indians to get their visa from the embassy or consulate to save themselves from standing in the long queues at Bangkok airport.

Notably, the nation has dropped all the mandatory COVID requirements like vaccine certificates and test results for tourists. Since then, there has been a rise in the number of passengers at Bangkok airport resulting in long passenger queues.

The immigration counter is one of the main spots facing long queues. There is a large number of tourists who take on-arrival visas, reported ANI. With this, Thailand is facing a large influx of tourists again after nearly two years post-COVID pandemic.

Tourists visiting Thailand have been complaining about the long queues at Bangkok airport on social media.

“I think this is quite natural for any airport, not only in Thailand. When we open the borders, nobody can expect the actual number of incoming visitors or tourists. So that’s why for Indians we advise them to get the visa from the Embassy or Consulate General before travelling to Thailand that can be helpful to things,” the Thai ambassador to India told ANI.

The Thai ambassador to India also informed that the airport is preparing to deal with the rising number of tourists by increasing staff and deputing some of them to manage the crowd.

“We have tried to improve by increasing the people who work at the airport to facilitate the tourists,” Pattarat told ANI.

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