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In a noteworthy development, the global aviation watchdog, Aviation Working Group (AWG), has downgraded India’s status from “positive” to “negative.” This downgrade comes in the wake of the ongoing insolvency struggles faced by Go First, prompting concerns over the broader implications for the country’s aviation industry. Go First, which Continue Reading
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The Ministry of Civil Aviation in India (MoCA) has expressed its commitment to maintaining the confidence of aircraft lessors in the Indian aviation market by reducing their risks. This commitment comes in response to changes made to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) by the Corporate Affairs Ministry on October 3, allowing aircraft lessors to […]Continue Reading
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Aviation Working Group (AWG) has further downgraded India as lessors have not been able to repossess their planes from Go First more than four months after the airline filed for insolvency. The leasing cost stands as a prominent expense for Indian airlines. With AWG’s downgrade, it is likely that lessors will increase the aircraft leasing […]Continue Reading
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