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STB partners with MX Player for film ‘Lost and Found in Singapore’ for OTT platform in India

Singapore Tourism Board (STB), in partnership with MX Player’s content arm, MX Studios is set to unveil the interactive film on an Indian OTT platform. Titled ‘Lost and Found in Singapore’, this innovative film introduces a choose-your-own path approach that invites viewers to actively shape the unfolding narrative against the backdrop of Singapore.

A first-of-its-kind initiative by an NTO in India, this film captures and blends the elements that define Singapore’s character, creating an immersive exploration. Seamlessly integrating triggers for engagement, the interactive component promises a captivating experience. This collaboration caters to evolving preferences, especially among young Indian travellers.

As audiences seek innovative ways to engage with travel content, ‘Lost and Found in Singapore’ offers fresh, first hand inspiration. Through active involvement, viewers connect with Singapore’s attractions, weaving entertainment and exploration. Just as the film empowers viewers, Singapore transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences, showcasing the destination’s unparalleled essence. The film encourages repeat viewing to explore alternate storylines and facets of Singapore.

GB Srithar, Regional Director, India, Middle East, South Asia & Africa, Singapore Tourism Board, says, “We are pleased to partner with MX Player, bringing a unique experience to audiences across India through this pioneering film. As a leading lifestyle hub in the region today, Singapore is a n ever-evolving destination, and this dynamism is best showcased to discerning Indian consumers through equally innovative means. We believe that this partnership introduces a novel perspective of Singapore, introducing to the young Indian travellers the dizzying array of unique tourism experiences it offers. The interactive format deeply resonates with Indian viewers seeking innovative travel engagement, inspiring personalized journeys. Just as the film empowers viewers, Singapore transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences, emphasizing our commitment to showcasing offerings that uniquely define the destination.”

MX Player, Spokesperson, says, “Our viewers are always looking for dynamic and game changing storytelling on MX Player. This collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board in creating the interactive short film, ‘Lost and Found in Singapore’ is one of its kind and introduces a new dimension to storytelling. We’re excited to bring audiences an engaging cinematic experience as it will allow viewers to actively select the narrative of their choice and will also showcase Singapore’s extraordinary trove of rich destination experiences through this film.”

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