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Anticipating the impact of technology, 14 years ago, TravelBiz Monitor introduced an industry-first live news portal,
with hourly online reporting on travel, tourism, aviation and hospitality industries. Since then, we have created a
niche for ourselves by providing analytical stories and statistical information to the travel trade on a regular basis.
To keep this momentum going, the Editorial team has decided to showcase new-age technology products and
services every month that have the potential to disrupt the market further. Moreover, the time now is also appropriate as the on-going pandemic has further widened the scope of using technology.

For this unique initiative, TravelBiz Monitor has partnered with ‘Start-up Mentor Board’, a visionary platform with credentials in business, technology, e-commerce, digital market place, payment solutions and IT infrastructure, to highlight the stories of new-age technology ideas. Start-up Mentor Board has been set-up as an initiative to mentor and guide the travel technology driven start–ups and facilitate collaboration in the larger travel ecosystem.

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The Board is spearheaded by well-known thought leader Ashish Kumar, who is also the Co-Chairman of FICCI Travel Technology Committee. It comprises Bharti Maan, who has led start-ups to scale rapidly; Patrick Richards, an experienced travel industry leader in the UK; Chetan Kapoor, an analyst with deep understanding of the travel and tourism business and trends; Kartik Sharma, an artificial intelligence practitioner; Karthik Venkataraman, a digital transformation & an e-commerce visionary; Jure Bratkic, who led innovative solutions in the USA and Kyasha Bhoola, with expertise and advanced insight into the travel industry across Africa.

*One can register for the SMB Program at

Startup Name: Tripeur

Core Team: Thiagarajan Rajagopalan – Founder & CEO,

Sajit Chacko – Founder & COO, •

Kalyan Chakravarthy MVK – Founding Sr.VP-Success •

Founding year: 23rd December 2015

Company Website:

Description: Tripeur is a modern, on the cloud, digital travel platform + transactional and
behavioral analytics + bookings + travel support, in a box.

Deep experience with over 50+ businesses, 50K users across 6 million transactions, has, the platform
integrating with most of the airlines, hotel aggregators and other travel service suppliers. Tripeur’s API
integrates with adjoining HR and expense systems to give a seamless flow of data.

Tripeur focuses on the complexities of travel budgets (control, deployment and compliance) to help collate data and provide insights on a real time basis.

Its functionality of instant invoices, credit notes and MIS, combined with behavioral insights, has helped customers realize up to 32% in savings.

Tripeur has proven beneficial to customers, with employee count varying from 250 to 30000 employees..

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