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Sabre launches PowerSuite Cloud and PowerSuite Cloud Lite to accelerate digital transformation


Sabre Corporation is launching two new cloud-based travel management solutions in partnership with Excellent Management Limited (XML) to enhance digital transformation and New Distribution Capability (NDC) adoption for travel agents in Asia Pacific.

The new solutions, PowerSuite Cloud and PowerSuite Cloud Lite, aim to boost operational efficiencies, automate tasks, and provide real-time insights for travel agents of all sizes. PowerSuite Cloud builds on the existing XML PowerSuite software, offering a modernised user experience with comprehensive front to back-office accounting solutions. On the other hand, PowerSuite Cloud Lite, initially available in select countries before expanding regionally, caters to smaller agencies with front to mid-office integration and essential financial tools.

Over 8,000 users across 14 markets currently rely on the PowerSuite product, with successful migration to PowerSuite Cloud reported among existing users. The solutions offer various benefits such as full integration with Sabre’s booking platform, advanced automation capabilities, cost efficiencies, real-time financial insights, cloud-based flexibility for remote access, compliance with industry standards, and enhanced security measures.

Early adopters like Global Travel in Singapore have praised the user experience and business benefits of PowerSuite Cloud. Other agencies in Australia and Malaysia have also highlighted increased productivity, cost savings, seamless integrations with Sabre’s services, and improved workflow efficiency through the adoption of PowerSuite Cloud.

Sabre’s initiative aims to empower travel agencies to adapt to industry advancements like NDC bookings and enhance their competitiveness in the evolving travel landscape. The introduction of PowerSuite Cloud and PowerSuite Cloud Lite underscores Sabre’s commitment to innovation and supporting agencies in thriving within the dynamic travel industry.

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