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Rajasthan to be promoted as adventure & monsoon destination

The desert state of Rajasthan, known across the globe for its palaces and forts, will now be promoted as an adventure and monsoon destination, confirmed the Rajasthan Tourism officials.
Till date, tourists have been visiting the state to see the beautiful forts, magnanimous palaces, sand and forest. However, not many people know that the state has many destinations which turn pristine during the monsoon. These include Banswara and Udaipur.

While Banswara is a 100-island town with river, hills, islands and lovely landscape, Udaipur too has attractive lakes and lush green surroundings which turn beautiful during monsoons. Hence, we will promote both these destinations as monsoon destinations among tourists, said these officials while talking to IANS.

Besides these, the state shall also be promoted as adventure tourism destination.

“Most of the tourists visit Himachal and Uttarakhand to get that adrenaline rush. Not many are aware of adventure activities being run here. So next in focus is to promote adventure tourism,” the officials added.
The Covid-19 impact has deeply affected the tourist state of Rajasthan and the government is hence trying to promote tourism among the domestic travellers. (Source: IANS)


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