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Railways to run 217 special trains for summer

The Railways will be running 217 special trains during the summer season to provide passengers with more convenient travel options. These over 200 trains will be making 4, 010 trips, reports The Financial Express.
According to the Ministry of Railways, the special trains will run on different railway routes to connect different places in the country.

While the South Central Railway and the South Western Railway have listed out the most number of special trains 48 and 69 special trains respectively, the Western Railway and Southern Railway will have 40 and 20 trains.
Several other zones, including the Central and East Central Railway, have already been notified about the special trains. The North Western Railway has also informed about 16.

The Railways see an increase in the number of passengers during the summer season. These special trains are designed to ensure a smooth and comfortable travel experience. (Source: The Financial Express)

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