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Q’rius Connect launches travel management brand ‘Travdesk’

Q’rius Connect, a marketing and representation services company, has launched their travel management brand “Travdesk”.

Nishant Gulliya, Founder & CEO of Q’rius Connect said, “It gives us a great pleasure to launch our promising and dymanic travel brand “Travdesk”.

Travdesk is curated to cater specifically the luxury and corporate travel segment focussing on the B2B market. “Some of the highlights of our brand are that we would be integrating a digital approach to our products and packages to minimise the booking time, would be focused on mandates around safety and hygiene with zero tolerance, also there will be the loyalty programmes for the trade partners and other monetary and value-based benefits.

I am pretty optimistic about the resilience of the tourism industry, which has definitely pushed us to make this courageous decision amidst the pandemic crisis. We would focus on regular communication with our partners through different medium and platforms and to maintain a spark of positivity among all of us and work with a new zeal in the new normal.”




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