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One dose of COVID-19 vaccine must for those visiting monuments in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

According to a TOI report, anyone who has not taken even a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine will be denied entry at historic monuments and sites in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. Referring to this, an official in the know how stated that District Collector Sunil Chava has passed the said orders, and the same have already been put into place.

As per the orders, when the district administration found that the vaccination figures in the region were relatively low, it passed the said order. Now, as per the latest rules, at least one dose of vaccine is mandatory for those seeking to visit the historic monuments and sites.

Reportedly, the government as well as private offices that are connected to the tourism industry, have also been instructed to make sure that their staff is fully vaccinated against Coronavirus. All those visiting ticketed museums, monuments and places such as Arungabad, Bibi Ka Maqbara, Pitolkara, Ajanta and Ellora caves should have at least taken one jab of COVID-19 vaccine, the order stated.

Reportedly, the government health agencies have also been directed to establish vaccination booths at places that are registering high footfall of tourists. Further, the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has also been directed to check if staff at tourist locations has taken at least one jab of COVID-19 vaccine.

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