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Odisha to host an eco-retreat festival from November 15 at a hidden gem, the Pentha Beach

Odisha’s tourism department is hosting an eco-retreat festival at Pentha beach in the state’s Kendrapara district. The festival that is going to be held for the first time, will highlight this beautiful beach destination. The eco retreat is all set to begin from November 15, and is going to be a three-and-a-half month long event. So, you could make plans for New Year’s here at Pentha beach.

The event is a wonderful opportunity for travellers to experience this virgin beach destination and all its wonders. The Odisha government has arranged for fifteen luxury tents here at the beach, and there would be a string of great experiences for all. You can expect food festivals, cultural festivals, and even trekking in a mangrove forest.

The Pentha beach is about 3 km long, and here you can see a lot of crabs on the shore. One added advantage of visiting the Pentha Beach is that you also get a chance to visit a nearby forest that is 5 km long. With mangroves, and pine trees abound, this beach is a hidden gem that you must visit, especially at this time now that there is going to be a major event here. Untouched by over-enthusiastic tourists, this beach destination will give you a feeling that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

The Odisha tourism department had last year organised a month-long retreat festival at Nalitapatia village, which proved to be quite a success. This year, the event is going to be held for a total of 106 days, which is coinciding with the year end. Booking of tents at the Pentha Beach will start soon, so keep an eye here on Times Travel. (Source TOI)

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