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Noriah Jaafar takes charge as Director for Tourism Malaysia Mumbai

Tourism Malaysia has appointed Noriah Jaafar as Director for India, to be based at its office in Mumbai.

She has taken charge last week. A dynamic leader at the forefront of Malaysia’s tourism sector, she has been instrumental inpromoting and advancing the country’s thriving tourism and travel industry. With a remarkable academic background and extensive experience, she has consistently demonstrated her exceptional leadership skills throughout her career.

Her professional journey began in 2002 when she joined Tourism Malaysia as an Assistant Director at the Convention Division. Her dedication and expertise led to steady promotions and a diverse range of roles, including her role as the Director of Tourism Malaysia’s Stockholm office in Sweden from October 2014 to March 2017, overseeing operations in Europe. Her international experience also includes managing the Thailand and Myanmar market for nearly two years.

Additionally, throughout her career, Noriah Jaafar has demonstrated exceptional language skills, excelling in both Malay and English. She also possesses a good understanding of Mandarin and Korean.

Hailing from Pontian, Johor, Malaysia, she has always had a penchant for travel. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in 2001, she embarked on a journey to expand her knowledge and skills. In 2012, Noriah completed her Master’s degree in Tourism Management at MARA University of Technology (UiTM).

As the Director of Tourism Malaysia Mumbai, Jaafar is currently leading efforts to promote Malaysia as a premier tourist destination. Her vision and dedication have positioned her as a significant force in the tourism sector. With her extensive experience and leadership abilities, she will further continue to contribute to the growth and success of Malaysia’s tourism industry.

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