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Mumbai announces 7-day home quarantine for those travelling from Dubai

According to TOI, given the rise in the numbers of Omicron cases in the country, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has announced some new standard operating procedures for passengers arriving from Dubai.

The new guidelines are:

1) Passengers arriving from Dubai will have to undergo seven days of home quarantine after arriving in Mumbai.

2) No need to take an RT-PCR test on arrival.

3) Travellers not living in Mumbai will be transferred by the Collector [district officer], who shall arrange transport for such travellers and these travellers will not be allowed to take public transport.

4) Those who have connecting flights to other states or other locations in Maharashtra will be allowed to take the connecting flights. But it will be the responsibility of the Airport Authority to inform the respective Airport Officer regarding the travellers.

5) All the travellers arriving from Dubai and who are residents of Mumbai will be in home quarantine and will be tracked by the Ward War Room for seven days. Then on day seven, an RT-PCR test will be conducted. If the test is negative, the traveller will self-monitor for further seven days. But if the test is positive, travellers will be shifted to an institutional quarantine facility.

On December 23, India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation also made an announcement for all passengers arriving in New Delhi.

1) Thermal screening mandatory for all passengers upon arrival.

2) RT PCR test will be conducted through random sample collection. Passengers will be allowed to exit after sample collection.

3) If you are travelling on a connecting flight and not leaving the airport at the transit, then the guidelines for the state which is your final destination would be applicable.

4) If a passenger tests positive for the virus, he/she will have to undergo a 10-day home quarantine, Covid Care Centre (CCC) or COVID Health Centre (CHC).

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