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MoT unveils ‘Travel for LiFE’ campaign

In celebration of World Tourism Day 2023, the Ministry of Tourism (Northern Region) unveiled the ‘Travel for LiFE’ campaign in New Delhi, on Wednesday. The launch of the new initiative has been organised in conjunction with the renowned ‘Incredible India’ initiative.

To mark this significant occasion, a grand flag-off ceremony took place at 8:15 AM, at the Dwarka Sector 21 Metro Station. The campaign made a striking debut in the Delhi Metro, adorning selected metro trains on the Yellow-and-Blue lines with vibrant displays both inside and outside.

Ajay Bhatt, Minister of State for Tourism and Defence, Government of India, presided over the event and officially flagged off the Delhi Metro Train, featuring captivating graphics that symbolise the essence of the ‘Travel for LiFE’ campaign.

The ‘Travel for LiFE’ campaign invites travellers to foster companionship and cultural exchange as they journey through different destinations. It conveys the message of promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.

Through eye-catching visuals and thought-provoking slogans displayed both inside and outside Delhi Metro trains, the initiative aims to inspire travellers to explore the world while being mindful of the environment and local cultures. It reinforces the idea that responsible travel is not just a journey; it’s a mission to create a cleaner, more connected, and culturally enriched world.

As the campaign unfolds within the Delhi Metro network, it is expected to captivate commuters, locals, and tourists alike, encouraging them to embrace the essence of responsible travel and make each journey an enriching experience for themselves and the destinations they visit.

Minister Bhatt emphasised the campaign’s alignment with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of encouraging individuals to explore the vast and diverse world around them. He underscored the importance of responsible tourism, emphasizing the need to leave a positive impact on the environment and local cultures during travel. Bhatt stated, “The prime minister’s ‘Travel for Life’ objective is for man to explore the cosmos. We are currently in the march; note the number of written slogans here. The Travel for Life mission that we have outlined here has been embraced by everyone on a global scale. Because we will always go places where they are clean, we should keep our surroundings tidy. This mission entails companionship, such as introductions, sharing of cultural knowledge, etc.”

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