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Moscow City Tourism Committee hosts first-ever multi-city roadshow in India

Moscow City Tourism Committee (MCTC) held first over roadshow in three main metros of India as part of its ongoing initiative to promote Moscow as a leading tourism and business destination. The closing event took place in Mumbai on September 12 at the Four Seasons Mumbai Hotel. Prior to this, the events were also held in Bengaluru and Delhi. Before that, MCTC organised a series of digital roadshows in other countries, which enabled representatives of the Moscow tourism industry to present their unique offers and demonstrate new opportunities of the city.

Moscow Tourism Committee managed to attract more than 10 local companies such as representatives of large hotels, DMC and city entertainment to participate in the roadshow. More than 40 key players from Azerbaijan tourism, hospitality, and aviation industries also took part in the event. Among the participants were also key agents who had an excellent opportunity to have one-to-one meetings with representatives from Moscow as well as to conduct business negotiations, based on which further long-term cooperation will be built.

In addition to the roadshow, MCTC also continuously develops and implements targeted public relations activities to attract and educate regional outbound travel professionals and develop innovative and exciting travel packages. In 2021, Moscow Tourism Committee organised 2.8 thousand online negotiations. In total, about 500 Moscow participants and 2.5 thousand foreign representatives of the tourism industry took part in the events. For the first time, the road show format was tested in 2020. MCTC organized three digital road shows within which 2.6 thousand B2B meetings were held: in India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


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