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MEA introduces significant changes in the delivery of passports, visas and consular services

In its move to mitigate predatory pricing, MEA tightens rules for selection of partners visas and consular service to the Indian diaspora and foreign visitors. Further, to make the service more robust, seamless and reliable, the MEA is committed to serve Indians migrating and foreigners visiting India with an overarching vision to strengthen India’s Image and reputation. The Indian Missions of the MEA are the first touch points for any international traveller coming into India – the Indian Citizen or Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Foreigners (traveling to India) residing overseas.

Jyoti Mayal, President, TAAI, said, “Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has embarked on a transformational program to reform and strengthen its tendering and evaluation process in a holistic manner to select the right outsourced service providers. While the focus lies on L1 pricing, there is a strong emphasis on the four pillars of Quality Services, Sustainable and Viable Price, Data Protection & Security, and Ethical Practices & Integrity.”

She also added, “It is important that the first impression of any individual travelling to India or having to work with any Indian Mission anywhere in the world needs to be impeccable, as the government is determined to work towards delivering the promise of New India. Therefore, the MEA and its Missions as true representatives of the Indian government to the world must focus on offering superior, efficient, and cost-effective services as perhaps the first step in that direction.”

Mayal concluded by stating , “India is positioning itself as a global leader in several sectors such as trade, cross border services, citizen services etc. As India marches towards a high momentum growth period, it will be critical to plan for factors that can impede progress and mitigate reputational and image risks for the Indian Government. Hence it became imperative for the government to focus on quality, reliability, and credibility of the service providers it engages with, to ensure services are delivered effectively, efficiently, and in line with established standards, else failure in service levels can erode confidence and trust in the government’s capabilities, leading to public dissatisfaction. The focus on quality also indicates that public resources are utilised wisely and that citizens receive the best possible value for money.”

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