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Many Indians fall victim to online travel scams: Report

With the rise in tourism in the country post Covid, the sector is also witnessing an increase in online travel scams as a significant percentage of travellers have been duped while trying book holidays to save money, a report said. About 51% of Indian respondents have fallen victim to online scams while trying to save money when booking travel, according to the’ Safer Holidays’ Travel report by McAfee Corp. The report also revealed that 77% of those who had money stolen have lost up to $1,000 (INR 83,000) before their trip has even begun.

The Safer Holidays Travel report is based on a survey among 7,000 people across seven countries, including 1,010 from India. The report further revealed that 66% of all Indian vacationers said they will travel domestically this year and 42% will do so internationally. In today’s economic environment, Indian adults are more likely to seek out a bargain deal online (54%), move quickly to snap up a deal (50%), try a new booking site (44%) and even a new destination (47%),in order to save money, said the report. (Source: The Financial Express)

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