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Kerala focusing on caravan tourism in a big way

After houseboats, Kerala Tourism is betting big on caravan tourism — ‘Keravan Kerala’ — for the post-pandemic revival.

Kerala Tourism Minister PA Mohamed Riyas said investors had registered, evincing interest in setting up 120 caravan parks, while 353 entrepreneurs had registered to run caravans in the state.

“We could encourage the segment by providing a subsidy of INR 2 lakh to 7.5 lakh, besides the relaxations the Motor Vehicles Department gave to entrepreneurs to buy and operate caravans,” Riyas said while inaugurating the state’s first Caravan Park at the scenic Vagamon.

The minister reached the newly developed caravan park situated in Nallathanni, Vagamon, on a tourist caravan from Vagamon Adventure Park.

“Caravan tourism is set to redefine the state’s travel industry as an innovative product after houseboats. The new product is set to boost the state’s tourism industry. It will also bring to light several destinations that have so far remained unknown despite their potential to attract visitors,” he said.

The high-range Idukki will be the district that will benefit most from caravan tourism as it can put several unexplored places in the area on the tourist map, he added.

To begin with, Karavan Meadows, developed by Adrak Hotels and Resorts and managed by Citrine Hospitality Ventu, currently has facilities to accommodate two caravans, and envisages accommodation of up to eight caravans soon. The hotel already has two four-seater Benz caravans. (Source FE)

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