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Indian Army to promote adventure tourism across border areas in North East

The Northeast region has vast untapped potential for adventure tourism that can help sustain local economy and boost local employment by building an ecosystem of tourism-associated economic activities, said the Indian Army in a press release.

“While there are a number of initiatives undertaken by separate state governments of each state in this regard, a concerted, synergised and integrated effort has been made by the Indian Army through a series of adventure activities across most of the border regions from Sikkim to nearly the Easternmost tip of Arunachal Pradesh.”

Notably, as per the latest reports, this year, a trans-theatre adventure activity was organised along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in which numerous adventure activities, such as white river rafting, mountaineering expeditions, mountain biking, and trekking were conducted, which also witnessed very active participation from local talent and civilian enthusiasts from the region.
Further as per the press release, the highlight of the said initiative was the Civil-Military cooperation in actively promoting adventure tourism across Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh in challenging places, which were not very well known till date.

Reportedly, the Army also started a three-month long series of expeditions as part of the initiative, which included numerous expeditions to lure more and more visitors.

The release added that due to the inaccessibility of the areas, most of the routes along the LAC have never been explored by civilians. 11 points along the LAC were contacted during the initiative, with the most prominent being the summit of Mt Jonsong, situated at the tri-junction of India-Nepal and Tibet, for the third time in history, it noted.

As per the press statement, “The campaign generated a buzz in the adventure tourism circuit and has improved awareness about the potential of adventure tourism in North-East India.”

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