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India will resume visa services in Canada only if diplomats are provided safety & security: Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Sunday said that if Indian diplomats are provided safety in Canada as per the Vienna Convention, he would like “very much to resume the issuing of visas”.

Jaishankar said, a few weeks ago, India stopped issuing visas in Canada because it was no longer safe for our diplomats to go to work. “Because ensuring safety and security of diplomats is the most fundamental aspect of the Vienna Convention. And right now that is what has in many ways been challenged in Canada that our people are not safe, our diplomats are not safe. So if we see progress there, I would like very much to resume the issue of visas. My hope would be that it would be something which should happen very soon,” he said as quoted by news agency ANI.

Jaishankar further said that the relationship between India and Canada was going through a “difficult phase” .”The relationship right now is going through a difficult phase. But I do want to say the problems we have are with a certain segment of Canadian politics and the policies which flow from that,” Jaishankar said days after Canada withdrew 41 of its diplomats from India, leaving only the Canadian High Commission in Delhi to provide visa and consular services.

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