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India issues advisory for nationals visiting Hong Kong to submit PAR before departure

In a bid to streamline travel procedures and mitigate potential entry denials, the Consulate General of India in Hong Kong has issued a mandatory advisory for Indian nationals planning short-term visits to the Special Administrative Region (SAR).

Effective immediately, all Indian travelers intending to spend up to 14 days in Hong Kong are now required to complete an online Pre-Arrival Registration (PAR) before their departure.

The advisory emphasizes that the PAR process is compulsory and failure to comply may result in denial of entry by Hong Kong Immigration officials. Instances have been reported where travelers, lacking the necessary documentation, were promptly sent back to their port of embarkation, causing significant inconvenience and delays.

Key requirements outlined in the advisory include ensuring accurate information matching between the PAR and passport details, possessing a passport with a validity of at least six months, presenting confirmed return or onward tickets, providing evidence of a verified hotel reservation, demonstrating the genuine purpose of the visit, and furnishing documentation attesting to adequate financial means.

Moreover, travelers are urged to carry a printed copy of the approved PAR on a white A4 size paper during their journey. While the PAR remains valid for six months and allows for multiple entries into Hong Kong, it does not guarantee entry, underscoring the importance of meeting all stipulated prerequisites.

The Consulate General of India underscores the significance of strict compliance with the Government of HKSAR regulations to preempt any unforeseen inconveniences during Indian nationals’ visits to Hong Kong. This proactive approach aims to facilitate smoother travel experiences and minimize disruptions for visitors from India.

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