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Hunch Mobility sees notable surge in charters for spiritual travel

In the wake of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir opening, Hunch Mobility has experienced a notable uptick in charter services catering to spiritual travel.

Hunch Mobility, a provider of personalised charter services in India, has been operating a diverse fleet of helicopters, and aircraft across India for the past four years. While initially, charters were primarily sought after for business and leisure, the recent opening of Ayodhya has sparked a remarkable increase in inquiries and bookings for spiritual travel.

Hunch Mobility offers tailored charter services to accommodate various group sizes, ranging from solo travelers to large groups of more than 60 individuals. Each flier is assigned a dedicated relationship manager who ensures a seamless experience throughout the journey, including custom food and beverage options onboard, ground transfers, and regular flight updates.

Speaking on the trend, Payal Satish, Chief Commercial Officer, said, “We believe religious tourism is poised to emerge as a substantial trend in India, fueled by the development surge in destinations like Ayodhya and other sacred sites. With numerous hotels undergoing expansion plans in these regions, we expect the demand for same-day charters to substantially increase. This underscores the profound connection between spirituality and travel, reshaping the landscape of Indian tourism.”

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