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HP Tourism sees a resilient 6% increase in arrivals despite disruptions

Himachal Pradesh witnessed a commendable 6% rise in tourist arrivals in the year 2023, reaching a total of 1.60 crore visitors compared to 1.51 crore in the previous year. This growth is particularly noteworthy considering the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions, including heavy rainfall, floods, and landslides that impacted the region in mid-2023.

The first half of the year proved to be promising, with over one crore tourists exploring the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The detailed breakdown indicates that 99,78,504 were domestic tourists, while 28,239 visitors hailed from foreign shores, marking a diverse range of travelers to the state until June.

However, the latter part of the year saw a halt in tourist inflow during the monsoon season. The region experienced disruptions due to intense rainfall, flash floods, and landslides, leading to a temporary suspension of tourism activities. Despite these challenges, the overall growth in tourist numbers showcases the resilience of Himachal Pradesh’s tourism sector and its ability to bounce back from adversities. The state continues to remain a popular destination for both domestic and international travelers, contributing significantly to its tourism economy.

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