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HP CM stresses on need to expedite master plan for eco-tourism activities in 93 sites


Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh said that ecotourism activities were being carried out in 72 forest rest houses and 22 eco-parks in the state. He stressed the need for expediting the master plan to conduct eco-tourism activities at the 93 proposed sites.

“Eco-tourism is a sustainable form of tourism that promotes the conservation of natural resources and local culture while providing visitors with unique experiences. By promoting eco-tourism, the state can showcase its rich biodiversity, scenic landscapes, and cultural heritage. This can attract tourists who are interested in responsible and sustainable travel, generating revenue and employment opportunities for the local population” the CM said.

While presiding over a review meeting of the Forest Department late evening on Monday, the CM said eco-tourism can greatly benefit the state, as Himachal has immense potential in this sector and the Forest Department must make earnest efforts to harness the potential to make the most of it.

Besides, it will help to create employment opportunities for local youths and add to the economy of the state.
Sukhu said to fully realise the potential of eco-tourism, a comprehensive master plan was being developed, with the aim of expanding eco-tourism activities to the proposed sites across the State. This plan will likely involve developing infrastructure, ensuring visitors’ sa

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