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Himachal Pradesh govt makes negative RT-PCR report mandatory for tourists

Himachal Pradesh government has made negative RT-PCR reports mandatory for tourists entering the state. Tourists entering the state will now have to carry a negative Covid report, which is not more than 72 hours old.

The government added that people, who will produce vaccine certificates (both one or two), will be allowed to enter the state. The negative Covid report rule, however, is not for locals.

A few days after the Himachal Pradesh government had relaxed Covid-19 related restrictions, a massive tourist influx resulted in midway holdups on national highways and unprecedented traffic jams. Parking lots, too, were packed to capacity and people were forced to spend the night in their vehicles due to complete hotel occupancy.

Hotel occupancy in major tourist spots, including Shimla, Manali and Dharamshala, were almost full and tourists had to head to less popular areas to find accommodation and in guest houses or homestays. (Source India Today)

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