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Gujarat govt launches Aatithyam dashboard for real-time tourism data

The tourism minister of Gujarat, Mulubhai Bera launched ‘AATITHYAM’ dashboard, an initiative of the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd.

The minister stated that AATITHYAM dashboard will have information on the number of visitors of various districts and tourist spots of the state along with the visitors’ age, nationality, travel purpose, and the number of days/nights of stay.

Tourism secretary Harit Shukla said that AATITHYAM dashboard has details of the main 109 tourist places of the state, which include 24 sites for spiritual tourism, 45 for leisure tourism, 18 for heritage tourism, and 22 for business tourism. The details of various national and international tourists who visited various tourist sites of the state in the last 1 year are available on the dashboard. It will help to chart tourism policy with real-time data, he added.

TCGL MD and commissioner Alok Pandey said that AATITHYAM refers to the Aggregate of Accessible Tourist Information on Tourism & Hospitality of Yatra and their memories. The tourism-related data will be collected for the dashboard with the cooperation of various 15 departments of the state. It has data from 109 sites at present, which will be increased to 200 further. (Source DeshGujarat)

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