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Fiji Airways upgrades booking engine with Amadeus Reference Experience front end solution

With the aim to create a better travel journey and differentiate itself in the Asia Pacific region, Fiji Airways is implementing Amadeus’ cutting-edge booking engine Digital Commerce and front-end touchpoint solution Amadeus Reference Experience for both booking and self-service check-in flows. This technology will enable the airline to ensure a consistent experience for its customers on the Fiji Airways website and mobile application.

Gordon Penfold, Executive Manager, Shared Business Services, Fiji Airways, said, “Our partnership with Amadeus has grown year on year and we are excited about the benefits of leveraging technology from the Digital Experience Suite. We are working towards being a true airline retailer with a mobile-first approach, offering flexibility in the booking journey to our customers. We believe we will have more engaged customers, higher conversion rates, and higher satisfaction with our revamped digital touchpoints.”

Part of the Digital Experience Suite, Digital Commerce is Amadeus’ new internet booking engine, available through modern APIs and offering unmatched capabilities for travellers across digital touchpoints. Amadeus Reference Experience, the customszable UI built on top of Digital Experience Suite orchestration engines, allow airlines to shape their online experience from built-in configuration capabilities, to full control and customization leveraging Amadeus platform capabilities and services.

Jonathan Tong, Senior Vice President, Airsline solutions & IT sales, Asia Pacific, Amadeus, said, “Fiji Airways has long been trailblazers in the region and is always seeking the latest technologies to improve its customer experience. The carrier’s focus to ensure that its customer journey is seamless and frictionless is demonstrated by its willingness to implement this new technology. The implementation of Reference Experience will give the airline more control and ease to configure and deploy its digital strategies and lift its game when it comes to digital commerce.”

Fiji Airways has also implemented Traveler ID, a secure platform that connects, digitizes and automates traveler identification and document validation across the traveler journey, while meeting regulatory requirements. This platform connects the health certification touchpoints end-to-end, integrating multiple stakeholders involved in the process, providing a secure and frictionless way for passengers to show that they have the health documentation needed to travel.

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