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Fareportal India supports employees with free vaccination drive

Fareportal India enacted another in a series of actions designed to help and support their employee family, as India grapples with the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

The global travel company has partnered with the CK Birla Hospital to offer vaccinations to all employees free of cost. Fareportal is also offering the vaccination to all registered dependents and up to 2 more persons per employee, if any employee wishes to have extended family members vaccinated.

The vaccination programme will involve multiple dates, to accommodate employee availability. Between June 10 and June 14, 3 camps were organised at the company premises covering almost 300 of its employees, their dependents, extended family members and internal support staff. This is the first of the multiple camps the organisation plans to conduct to support the vaccination drive in India.

“Getting the vaccination to our employees and their families is very important to all of us at Fareportal. We are thrilled to be working with the CK Birla Hospital to achieve this,” said Rajat Bhatia, Vice President and Head of Human Resources at Fareportal, India. He continues, “Today’s vaccination camp is a part of our ongoing efforts to provide healthcare support to our employees and their families.”


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