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Europamundo Vacations celebrates its 25th anniversary

Europamundo, recently celebrates its 25 th anniversary in Madrid. The event witnessed the presence of the management group, the founding partners, representatives of the Latin American operators, head office team and tour guides, together with family and loved ones.

Besides 25th anniversary celebration, they also held a physical meeting after the gap of two years. The idea was also to give away to a year in which they are going to experience a series of very important structural changes.

Marisol Amo, head of the Tour Guides Department, and Úrsula Cortés,General Management Assistant, both in charge of the organisation of the event, kicked off the event by presenting a first video starring all those who were part of the creation of the company.

It was a very emotional moment as it was attended not only by the most veteran team, but also by family members and people who have been with Luis Garcia, current CEO and founder of the
company. Afterwards, the founding partners and Luis Garcia shared a few words with the attendees. The cocktail party began in a festive and joyful athmosphere, with a sense of celebration among
the attendees.

The dinner continued and before finishing with the sweet moment of the desserts, the third and last video opened with the sad and complex moment in which the world stopped so suddenly in
March 2020 but, at the same time, giving away to a future at least hopeful thanks to the opportunities and the effort of each and every one of the people who are part of Europamundo Vacations.

The final speech given by Alejandro de la Osa, current Commercial & IT Director, as well as future CEO of the company.

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