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ETAA organised a knowledge session for its members in Mumbai

Enterprising Travel Agents Association (ETAA) recently organised a knowledge session for its members in Mumbai. The session was an interactive one where top ranking officials from Sublimis Technologies (an ERP Business Automation Platform) participated. Karthik Venkatraman, CEO & Co founder, Sublimis Technologies along with other co founders of the company Avtar Singh Matharu and Kaushal Ranpura participated in the discussion and answered a barrage of questions from the ETAA members. The event witnessed the presence of 60 plus members.

“The session was highly interactive and helped us dispel many of our doubts. The members who had participated in the discussion have vast experience in the travel arena and came out with travel-centric ERP solutions. Few feedbacks from our members will help the company to further fine tune their products. We are very optimistic that in the days to come Sublimis Technologies will come out with better products for our industry,” said Dharmesh Advani, National General Secretary, ETAA.

A VFS team lead by Vishal Jairath, Head—South Asia, Visa Operations were also present. Jairath also answered questions from the ETAA members. This is for the first time ETAA members interacted with the VFS team.

Carl Dantas, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, and National Board Members & Directors, Jagat Mehta, Abhijit Khadilkar, Dipti Pradhan Thakoor and Dharmesh Advani were also present at the event.

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