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Club Med offers sailing experience on its French yacht Club Med 2

Club Med is offering intimate sailing experiences on their iconic French yacht – Club Med 2. As a part of Club Med’s Exclusive Collection – Club Med 2 – one of the world’s largest sailing yachts, has been revamped to offer a lavish experience reminiscent of the French Riviera.

According to a recent CLIA report, the number of Indians taking cruise holidays has increased by over 28% in the last three years. In response to these evolving trends, iconic vessels like Club Med 2 are continuously adapting, solidifying themselves as a compelling choice for the modern travellers.

Complete with a club lounge, two pools, and an expansive balcony suspended over the ocean, Club Med 2 offers an exclusive choice for Indian honeymooners, couples, and those planning their bachelor/bachelorette trips. It offers a tailored blend of experiences that encompass rejuvenating spa treatments, Heberson Yoga, and an array of water sports, from water-skiing to wing surfing and Tiwal sailing. With sailing itineraries spanning a 21-day cruise from Nice to Athens via Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and Greece, as well as shorter 4-day cruises in spring and autumn, Club Med 2 creates a unique fusion of tranquility and excitement beneath the starry night skies, making it the ultimate selection.



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